About the Jewelbox

Welcome to The Jewelbox in Ithaca, New York, where every piece is a conversation piece!

A full-service jewelry store in Ithaca, New York, The Jewelbox showcases one-of-a-kind jewelry by local designer and goldsmith, Micky Roof, and by contemporary jewelry artists from around the world. Some of our featured designer jewelry includes:

  • Lapponia of Finland Designer Silver Jewelry
  • James Binnion Mokume Gane Wedding Bands
  • Larry Pauling Hand-Engraved Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands for Men and Women
  • Hugo A. Kohl III Vintage and Antique-Style Engagement Rings
  • J & S Freeman LTD Gold Earrings
  • Ed Levin Silver Jewelry
  • Breuning of Germany Silver Jewelry
  • Lashbrook Wedding Bands
  • Scholdt Contemporary-Style Engagement Rings

Please note that not every item on our site is in our store stock and not every item in our store is on this site. If you live within driving distance of Ithaca, New York, we invite you to visit our shop on Ithaca’s waterfront.

Our Services

Do you have jewelry that sits in the bottom of your jewelry box?

Is it outdated, not “you” or just plain ugly? Don’t despair! We offer custom services to re-imagine, reconfigure and redesign your misfit pieces into something that you’ll never want to take off!

Is it broken, ill-fitting or worn out? We can help! We restore, repair and revive broken, worn and unwearable jewelry!

Jewelry Repair You Can Trust

From simple clasp adjustments to complete jewelry restoration and redesign, your jewelry is in capable and safe hands with our master goldsmiths. We offer a comprehensive array of services:

  • Cutting of rings that are stuck on fingers
  • Shortening and lengthening of necklaces and bracelets
  • Stone replacement
  • Eyeglasses repair
  • Soldering multiple rings together
  • Pearl, gem and bead restringing
  • Jewelry cleaning and polishing
  • Attaching charms to bracelets

As metalsmiths, we gladly reuse customers’ unwanted precious metals. We offer melt value prices for gold, platinum and silver.

To give you an accurate estimate of cost, bring your item(s) directly to us at The Jewelbox so our staff can inspect your jewelry to know what exactly needs to be done. Our business hours are posted below.

Why Shop With Us

A Neighbor You Can Trust

Cropped shot of an attractive young woman trying on earrings with her friendBuying jewelry is all about trust. With so many of life’s milestones and memories being commemorated with pieces of jewelry, it’s important to know that those special adornments have been treated with great care by someone who is truly invested in you. The Jewelbox has been designing, creating, repairing and re-imagining clients’ beloved jewelry in Ithaca, New York for over thirty years and we take pride in our level of quality and our level of expertise.

The Jewelbox is also a business that is invested in the care of the local community. We support local charities and volunteer our time and talents to support local causes. We are here for you and your neighbors, and we will go above and beyond the level of service that you would receive from large jewelry chains. We know that word of mouth is the lifeblood of a local business and are confident that when you work with us, you’ll want to spread the good word, too!


Growing With You

iStock_000014538556_MediumJust as the world is in a constant state of change, so are our bodies. We gain and lose weight, and the shapes and sizes of parts of our hands change as we age. At The Jewelbox, we can help your jewelry grow and change with you with you by resizing your rings and adding or removing links on bracelets and necklaces.

As your life progresses, you might also find that your tastes in or budget for jewelry progresses with you. For example, you may wish to upgrade to a larger diamond in your engagement ring without replacing the original diamond or the whole original setting. We can accommodate your changing tastes and your love for your original ring by adding a larger center diamond while utilizing your original diamond as one of two or more side stones. We specialize in re-imagining and revitalizing vintage and contemporary jewelry, transforming your jewelry into treasured pieces that will last for generations.


Individual Style

997-webIn a world where mass production and volume retail is rampant, many people settle for cookie-cutter jewelry, often with subsequent regrets. Volume retailers push every style by the thousands, cranking out or importing exact copies of pieces by the truckload instead of handcrafting something unique. As a result, you’ll see the same unoriginal and uninspired styles of jewelry again and again, even when you travel out of town.

When you buy from The Jewelbox, you can choose from a wide variety of jewelry designed by us and by award-winning artists from around the world that are as unique as you are. We even keep individual customers in mind when we go on buying trips and bring home beautiful, quality pieces that we know they’ll love. Try getting that kind of consideration from a large corporation that buys in bulk for all of its stores!


Not Just a Face in the Crowd

happy woman choosing pendant at jewelry storeYou are important to us as a friend, a neighbor and an individual. At The Jewelbox, you’re not just another face in the crowd. We really enjoy building friendships with our clients. Our staff will remember important dates in your life and can show you pieces of jewelry that a loved one likes to help you pick out a surprise gift. We will also help you build a wardrobe that works for you. We can suggest pieces of jewelry that match your hair, your eyes, your dress style, your other pieces of jewelry and even your personality. When you take a big step in your life like getting engaged or having a child, we will share your excitement and help you celebrate that milestone -and the emotions that come with it- with the perfect piece of fine jewelry.


Care and Cleaning

IMG_20141028_150057We regularly hear our clients refer to their jewelry as pieces of themselves and we get it. We also have pieces of jewelry that we never want to take off! Because our jewelry can feel like pieces of who we are, The Jewelbox is happy to help you keep those pieces of you in tip-top shape. All sorts of daily activities, from washing hands to putting on lotion, can make metals and gemstones look dull. We happily clean rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to keep metal shiny and stones sparkling, free of charge. A major cause of stone loss and serious damage to an engagement ring is wearing it everyday for years without occasionally checking on its structural integrity as it ages. Bring in your engagement ring to The Jewelbox every year for a free checkup. We’ll look at your ring under magnification for thinned or missing prongs, a thinned shank and other structural problems. If we spot any issues, we’ll happily repair your jewelry so it’s safe and beautiful to wear again. When your jewelry looks good, you look good, too! Choose us as your local jewelers who can help to keep your jewelry beautiful forever!


Competitive Pricing

Helena-Cooper-Painting-Display-Inspiration-2There’s often a sentiment that small, independent jewelry galleries are full of jewelry that is restrictively expensive. You might be surprised by how competitive The Jewelbox can be. We search far and wide to buy our diamonds, which we select for both maximum beauty and maximum value. Our gallery features jewelry that can suit a wide swath of budgets and we can also tailor our custom designs to keep your projects affordable. We make it a point to offer honest value every day.



Professional Advice

IMG_2137When you shop for jewelry at a chain store in a mall, there’s a good chance that the person behind the counter is a perpetual mall employee with no more passion for jewelry now than for the hot pretzels that he or she was selling the month before. When you buy from us, you will get sound advice from engaged and passionate professionals who practically eat, breathe and sleep jewelry. We have gemological training, read professional journals to keep up to date, travel to trade fairs and seminars, and spend a good deal of time learning all about the products that we offer. We can help you become an educated buyer and choose the jewelry that is just right for you.




Attention to Detail

IMG_20150430_110634We personally make or select each piece of jewelry and gemstone in our cases; we don’t sell jewelry from a central warehouse. Since we sell only what we carefully choose or create in our workshop, we have unrivaled quality control. When a mass merchant buys thousands of items, often products are only spot checked and matters of low quality and inattention to detail are completely overlooked. You deserve better than that.

Since we care enough to look at every jewelry piece in person before buying it, shouldn’t you? Buying jewelry from a website or TV promotion might be tempting but no stock photo can replace holding a piece of jewelry in your hands and knowing that it’s exactly the right design, size and quality that you’re paying for. At our store, you can compare different pieces side by side, see the visual differences between diamonds and gemstones, and try on the jewelry to make sure that it fits before you buy.


One of a Kind Custom Design and The Art of Goldsmithing

as-ringIf you’re not seeing what you want in our gallery, we can find it or make it for you. If it’s something simple, you might find it in the catalogs from our preferred suppliers and it can be special-ordered for you. We also offer custom jewelry creation with your choice of design and gemstones. Using the most up-to-date tools and technology, we can remake an old piece that you don’t wear or you can meet with Micky and design a brand new piece from the ground up. Micky Roof has a vast educational background in metal-smithing and the Fine Arts. That, paired with her over forty years of experience as a designer and goldsmith, has imbued her with the keen senses of form, color and imagination needed to transform your custom jewelry dreams into reality.