Custom Designs

shop1_1000pxIMG_20150130_135451There’s something truly special about owning a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that was made just for you. It has hand-picked elements that show off your individual tastes and you just know that you will never see anything quite like it no matter where you go. This silver cuff bracelet with Rutilated Quartz (shown at right) is a wonderful example of how we can match your ideas with our expert artistry to create something truly spectacular.

Custom design is accessible, affordable and personal. We can incorporate jewelry that you already own (including gems or loose pieces) or we can start with paper, a pencil and your ideas. Whatever the occasion and whatever the reason, the result will be your own conversation piece.

Micky Roof has been creating custom designer jewelry for over 30 years. By observing, listening to and understanding her clients’ designs, ideas, questions and opinions, and being able to wed them with her knack for imaginative, off-the-beaten-path metal artistry, Micky has become one of the area’s premier custom jewelry designers.

Email us, call us at 1800-7117279  (toll-free) or call us at 607-257-4666 to set up an appointment with Micky Roof today. Let’s get creating!