Micky Roof Collections

225-10171Twig Collection

These are sticks that you will actually want to pick up! As a part of her Principles of Nature Series, Micky Roof’s Twig Collection has been a local favorite for over 25 years. A classic choice for lovers of nature and handcrafted jewelry, the Twig Collection is always growing and changing, much like nature itself. The entire Twig Collection offers inspirational, organic sculpture as wearable art!  Whether it’s a ring, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace, the Twig Collection offers something for everybody.

Cast from fallen twigs of Micky’s backyard birch trees, the entire Twig Collection combines the simplicity of nature’s own design with an intricacy of detail only a truly skilled goldsmith can achieve.

There are virtually endless possibilities for personalizing your own Twig Ring. We offer numerous choices in metal, stones and even the amount of texture you would like your twig to have.

As you browse the designs in this section, consider a custom design, which allows you pick the metals, the gems, the finishing touches and the texture. Add birthstones as gem buds on a Twig Bracelet or set an heirloom gem of your own into a Twig Ring. You can create something for everyone in the family tree!

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20-10815_1Wrinkle Collection

Micky Roof’s Wrinkle Rings are some of the most popular items in our gallery. The wrinkles, rolls and ripples of these elegant rings appear positively fluid and the casual richness they communicate is seldom ignored. To top it off, they are oh-so comfortable!

Face it: Our fingers are not made of  flawless display-case patent leather. Our digits are knuckles and nails, skin and scars and, yes, wrinkles. Maybe that’s why Wrinkle Rings are so popular; the natural folds of metal caress your finger and complement your own natural contours. Also, Wrinkle Rings become even more brilliant with the addition of gemstones! Consider a custom design like the ring shown here. The Wrinkle Ring is a wonderful way to feature a birthstone or gem of sentimental value.

Simply wonderful (and wonderfully simple) as it is, you can opt for a plain Wrinkle Ring or have it set with stones. Metal choices include: 14K yellow, white or rose gold; 18K yellow, white or rose gold; palladium white gold and platinum. Ring widths from 4 to 14mm are available.  Finish can be shiny, matte or a little of each. They also make fantastic wedding bands (hint, hint)!

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168-10008Principles of Nature

It’s only natural.

Micky Roof’s Principles of Nature Collection incorporates her iconic Twig Collection, as well as her Water, Wood, Pebble, and Stone collections, resulting in a unique series of designs that will both inspire and delight you. From solid gold Paper Wasp Nest pendants and earrings to beautifully polished fossils and picture agate, this section offers a mix of jewelry and design as organically eclectic as Ithaca itself.

As the collections grow, so too will this section of our site, so visit often. You never know what new inspiration the seasons will bring!

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225-10176_2Outrageous Opals

Whether you’re looking for a loose opal or opal jewelry, you will be astounded by our selection of Outrageous Opals and opal jewelry.

We invite you to contact us for more information on any opal or design you see!  We have MANY more opals here in our showroom and we’d be happy to personally help you choose a specific type of loose opal or design.  Ninety-nine percent of our opals come directly from one source: A longtime friend, opal miner and expert who owns opal mines in Australia.

A note about the images: It is almost impossible to capture the true flashes of color, the opalescent glow and the depth of detail in an opal with still photography so the actual opal may look different in person.  Usually it’s even better, but sometimes the camera can capture exaggerated colors and impressions.   We encourage you to call us directly at 1-800-711-7279 (toll-free) or 607-257-4666 with any questions that you have!

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282-11077_1GORGES Gems

Our city’s slogan, “Ithaca is GORGES”, refers to the fact that there are over 100 waterfalls within 10 miles of downtown Ithaca.  Ithaca is famous for its gorges- and The Jewelbox is famous for its GORGES Gems and gorgeous gemstone jewelry.

This section features some of our more unique gemstone jewelry designs, from amethyst and sapphire to zircon and tourmaline and almost every glittering stone in between! This is just a small sample of the jewelry you will find here at our store.

If you are looking for a specific gemstone, feel free to call us at 1-800-711-7279 (tollfree) or 607-257-4666. You may also E-mail us at info@ithacajewelbox.com.  We have hundreds of incredible gems here in our store, as well as close connections with many reputable gem dealers.

We’d be happy to help you create your own personal custom design.


255-10111-sterling-silver-finger-lakes-charm-pendant-2-550x550The Heart of the Finger Lakes

Inspired by her love of the Finger Lakes and a handy road map of the region, Micky Roof created the Heart of the Finger Lakes Charm© as a heartfelt testament to the unmistakable heart shape created by the area’s intersecting highways and byways. More than just a souvenir, this iconic Finger Lakes gift has become a true conversation piece. What’s more, it’s inspired a whole collection of Finger Lakes jewelry and gifts! Just click on the images to the left to see.

*We have a separate website dedicated to the Heart of the Finger Lakes Collection. It’s an easy and practical way to shop online for basic Finger Lakes jewelry and gifts. Just follow the link below!

Would you like to have you Finger Lakes jewelry or gift customized with a gem?  We can one or man gems. If you’d prefer a thicker piece, we can do that, too (see below).  For costs and turnaround time on customized charms,  just call us at 1-800-711-7279 (toll-free) or 607-257-4666. You may also E-mail us at info@ithacajewelbox.com.

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01spca-white-tiltBuddy Tags – Jewelry for People and Their Pets

Meow and Bow WOW! 

Buddy Tags are solid, Sterling Silver charms (or pendants) embossed with our SPCA’s logo. Packaged as charms/pendants for people and their pets, they can be further customized into a tie tacks, cuff links, pins, key chains, rings… almost anything! Just ask. Each Buddy Tag measures about 19mm in diameter – the size of a penny, but thicker. Buddy Tags are currently $75.00 each (+ tax). A portion of each sale goes directly to the SCPA of Tompkins County. 14k yellow gold is available through special order (please call or email for a quote for gold.)

“Almost every employee here at The Jewelbox has adopted pets from our SPCA. Our pets are our buddies, so it made perfect sense to call the charms ‘Buddy Tags.’ Where would we be without our buddies? The SPCA of Tompkins County is this great ‘buddy system’, so to speak. Safety, security and companionship works both ways, for animals and humans alike. Buddy Tags help support the SPCA (of TC) by creating necessary funds for basic necessities like food and medical care, but they also create awareness because the logo is just so darned cute.” —  Micky Roof, Designer/Goldsmith