8ce951c47f9a2b1415ec1dcf83545538Create the jewelry you’ve always wanted from the jewelry that you already own!

Think of all of the jewelry that you’ve acquired over the years. Is it tucked into boxes and baggies, waiting to see a world beyond the lining of your jewelry box? Now Re-Imagine that jewelry as something that you can wear, enjoy and share. As a Jewelry Designer and master goldsmith, Micky Roof has the best ideas for restoring, refreshing, and re-configuring your old jewelry.

Making an appointment with Micky gives you the opportunity to meet one-on-one and share your ideas for the re-creation of your pieces. Micky will then personally review – and draw up plans to renew – your jewelry. Give your jewelry new life. Let it tell your story. Whether it’s just an added accent stone on a ring or a complete re-design of your family jewels, The Jewelbox is here to help you revamp your style!

Call us to make your design appointment at 1-800-711-7279 (toll-free) or at 607-257-4666. For more Before & After stories, visit facebook! Have you seen our growing “Re-Imagine” Pinterest Board? WOW!