What Makes The Jewelbox So Special

There is something quite remarkable and unique about The Jewelbox; it is certainly not an ordinary jewelry store. The Jewelbox specializes in handmade designer pieces that are not just fine jewelry, but wearable art.

The featured designers at The Jewelbox are seen as sculpture artists who work in precious metals. Designer jewelry, identified by the signature style of its creator, is made by hand in very limited quantities. The materials, processes and original style of each designer’s work is as unique as his or her background. Just like the owner of an original or limited edition painting, those who own and wear designer jewelry see each piece as a treasured work of art.

Designer jewelry is created for highly discriminating individuals who prize quality. Individuals who are passionate about designer jewelry relish making unique, personal statements through their adornments. These are people who define jewelry as an art form. They appreciate the originality of design, the quality of materials, and the labor-intensive, meticulous construction of designer pieces. Beyond style, designer jewelry stands for uncompromising quality and lasting value. Others may attempt to duplicate original designs, but no one can duplicate fine designer jewelers’ attention to detail. Only designer jewelers guarantee the high quality of their pieces.

In addition to featuring designer collections, The Jewelbox is a diamond and precious stone brokerage. We broker the highest quality gems. Other services provided at the studio are custom restyling, repairs and restorations, eyeglass repair and restringing of pearls and beads.

The Jewelbox is a destination location for lovers of fine jewelry. Located on the west side of Ithaca along the waterfront, The Jewelbox treats its clientele to a relaxed, intimate atmosphere of high style and elegance. The warmth and personal attention that you will receive in our studio, combined with the superior craftsmanship and beauty of each jewelry piece within, makes The Jewelbox truly one-of-a-kind.

Micky Roof
Owner and Master Jeweler