Art Opening Reception: “Pieces of My Heart” Photographs by Dede Hatch

Through the end of February…

Join us for a very special art opening reception of “Pieces of My Heart” – a collection of photographs by Dede Hatch.

Pieces of My Heart – Dede Hatch

Enjoy light fare as we welcome the artist to our gallery and celebrate her remarkable images that will hang alongside jewelry through February & March.

All artwork will be available for purchase.

PIECES OF MY HEART – Artist’s Statement:

“desire hope gratitude sorrow regret confusion worry delight awe fatigue wonder pride curiosity compassion determination fear longing expectation obsession imagination dreaming remembering acceptance need kindness effort denial truth amusement elation discovery solitude empathy joy futility humility tenacity loss isolation energy grace protection contentment despair agitation fragility inspiration persistence uncertainty love…

Like the fragments of a puzzle or pebbles in my pocket or stems of a bouquet held in my hand, the pieces of my heart shift their position to find light and be noticed. They do not wear words well. They shun punctuation, ignore order. Rather, they find their place in the breath of a photograph – a moment noticed and shared.

All photographs were made with an iPhone during my daily walks on our land or neighboring field, and in my garden. My dog Pepper, now 14, is less likely to join me but very much always in my heart.”

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