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Gem Roundtable Dates for Autumn 2024 TBA!

We host a few events a year, and the Gem Roundtables are by far, the most popular. Twice a year (Spring and Fall), we bring in hundreds of unique, rare, jaw-dropping gems and minerals for a few days… and hold a few private dinner parties (and a brunch) to share them with you!

  • These private parties are limited to a dozen people to keep the atmosphere cozy and the conversations lively.
  • We serve food and wine and other delectable eats, and every year we feature a different caterer or special guest chef!
  • It’s only a few hours, but the experience is once in a lifetime! Or, at least, a few times a year…
  • With hundreds of rare and unique gems, minerals, fossilized treasures at your fingertips, the opportunity to acquire something fascinating.
  • Custom Design is the next exciting step – let’s create something amazing! Visit our growing Gallery of Inspiration!
  • Special pricing throughout the store during every Gem Roundtable, so get those wish lists started.
  • Here is a fairly old, but very informative, promo video we made when we first started hosting these events… eons ago!

If you’d like to attend a Gem Roundtable, drop us a note and we’ll be happy to keep you updated!


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