Shower Etiquette

Ring, necklace, and glasses, in front of a blurred sink faucet

Do you wear your jewelry in the shower? The general rule of thumb and advice of the experts is to remove your jewelry before showering. Here’s why…

Three reasons to remove your jewelry before you shower:

Hard water and chemicals in your products can build up in crevices, dull stones and even cause some jewelry to rust or tarnish. This goes for after-shower lotions too.

Water, overtime, can manipulate your jewelry. Think erosion, but on a tiny scale. Stones can lose their luster. Prongs and earring backs can loosen. Even the act of drying off can cause you to lose a stone.

Removing jewelry, especially earrings, not only preserves your jewelry, but it also allows you to properly clean your skin. Massaging your earring holes, for example. will keep you healthy and avoid buildup that can cause infection.

A great tip: Find a classy, cute tray or dish to put next to your sink to remind you to remove your jewelry and also give it a safe place to chill while you’re in the shower.

Forgot to take your jewelry off? Fear not. Most jewelry like wedding bands can handle a little water, but building a good habit of removing all your jewelry will save you heartbreak in the long run. Next week, we’ll share tips for cleaning your jewelry at home and our VERY favorite cleaning tool.

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